How to make Carrot Powder

Get some fresh carrots and wash well. Slice into thin layers and let it dry in the sunlight. When it became crunch level you can grind it well and make fine dust by using a strainer. You may grind it again and again and make fine powder.

By using this carrot powder you can make carrot oil, carrot soap and carrot packs too.


How to make a Carrot Face Pack

*Mix carrot powder with calamine powder or multhani mitti (an Indian clay powder) to make a past. You can add some water and make a past. To make it with extra results you can add bee’s honey or rose water to the mixture.

If you have a dry skin, you can mix carrot powder with yoghurt or curd.

If you have an oily skin, you can use the carrot powder with water or rose water.

Bee’s honey & carrot powder mixture will be suit for combination skins

how to get Carrot Oil

Get some virgin coconut oil and double boil and add some carrot powder, then mix it well. Carrot oil is suitable to apply on the skin and after continuous use of three weeks you can see the difference with you skin. Carrot oil make rid of skin patches and tone the skin color




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