With the recently introduced OnePlus Nord N10 and N100, the manufacturer is saying goodbye to the update promise made in summer 2018 for at least two years of Android and at least three years of security updates. Instead, there should only be an update. Particularly annoying: Both smartphones start with Android 10.

In June 2018, OnePlus committed itself to providing smartphones with new Android main versions for two years and then with security updates for another year. The update schedule also stipulated that owners of a smartphone generation without the “T” suffix would receive the same support as owners of the later T versions as part of the “OnePlus Software Maintenance Schedule”.

The two and three years respectively only start if, for example, the OnePlus 8T was presented six months after the OnePlus 8.

After OnePlus has focused exclusively on the high-end segment over the past few years, because the OnePlus X in the mid-range, for example, had not led to the desired success, this year the segment was initially backed up by the OnePlus Nord for the mid-range and later in the year with the OnePlus Nord N10 also in the mid-range and the OnePlus Nord N100 as a new entry-level model Just a new major Android version As Android Central has now learned in a conversation with OnePlus, the previously generally valid update commitment should no longer apply to the two cheapest OnePlus smartphones.

According to the exact wording of the statement, an update of the main Android version and security updates are planned for a total of two years. The manufacturer wants to align itself with the industry standards for smartphones in the lower price range. The company will listen to user feedback in its own forum and look for ways to improve the software experience on OnePlus devices.

Cheap Nord smartphones start with Android 10 According to the current status, an update of the main Android version would actually mean that at least Android 12 is offered. Annoyingly, OnePlus still presented the two smartphones with Android 10, although they were presented after the OnePlus 8T (test), which already runs with the new OxygenOS 11 based on Android 11.

Accordingly, the OnePlus N10 and the OnePlus N100 are launching an already outdated Android version on the market and will only receive Android 11, which should have been preinstalled at the market launch on November 20 to be up to date.


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