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Bolt- Global Leading Transportation App launching soon in Sri Lanka

Who is Bolt?

The Bolt app has been Launched in 2013in Estonia﹘25M passengers﹘Operating globally in30 countries﹘Global Investors & Team Bolt has decided to launch their premium app soon in Colombo,Sri Lanka , we have seen Driver registration Ad campaign has been running  for long time for SriLankan  Facebook  community and most of the people are curious about are they relay going start their service in Colombo Srilanka and we have  inquired about this form their support  and we have got a positive replay from bolt support and it has been confirmed, they will be launching soon in Colombo.

Bolt launching soon in Colombo email proof screenshot

What Bolt offer :

Sustainable commission model; 0% commission for first 6 months and you get to keep 100% of your trip fare. Raised to a small percentage afterwards.–Ethical company: we believe in treating people with respect, upholding the highest standards of safety and caring for the environment.–Choose your own hours/radius.–We believe in giving drivers a voice and handling everybody’s issues fairly and evenly.

 About The Driver App:

The Driver App seems to be very user friendly and simple you can download the Bolt Driver app , Swipe to “GO ONLINE” button.﹘Check statistics for your earnings and activity.

Waiting for trips﹘Be ONLINE only when you are ready to take trips.﹘Not confirming requests will set your status to offline.﹘Check other drivers on the map and drive to empty spots.﹘Set pickup radius that suits you.

Radius and Destinations–You can receive trip requests from outside of your radius but rejecting these will not affect your statistics.–Minimum radius is 1.6km, maximum is 14.5Km.and you will be entitled 2 destinations per day.

Allocated bookings﹘Swipe “ACCEPT” button﹘You will see:• pickup address• distance (miles)• ETA to pickup address• pickup point on the map﹘NB! Passenger destination is shown once passenger gets in the car.

Driving to passenger﹘Select menu to see options.﹘Google Maps or Waze to navigate.﹘Enter a reason in case you have to cancel the booking.﹘Call to passenger:• if you can’t make it in time• if you can’t access the pickup address• if the ETA is wrong﹘Passengers can message or call you.

Waiting for passenger﹘Wait for the passenger at least 5 mins, and Call the passenger after 5 minutes and you can cancel the journey, if required.and remember Before starting the journey, ask passenger’s name politely to identify him/her.﹘Swipe “START RIDE” button.


Bolt Earn more per journey (Cars)

BOLT Competitor
Average Trip Price 450LKR 500LKR
App Commission 0% 25%
You Earn 450LKR 375LKR
Comparison 20% more same


Earn more per journey (Tuk-Tuk & Bikes)

BOLT Competitor
Average Trip Price 375LKR 400LKR
App Commission 0% 15%
You Earn 375LKR 340LKR
Comparison 10% more same

Bolt Sri Lanka plans to deliver safety, reliability and quality already enjoyed in 30 countries globally.

The five-star service provided by driver partners and the peace of mind offered by Bolts’s extensive safety features are among other aspects promised to Sri Lankans. when first rolled onto the streets of Colombo during the testing phase, riders have been enjoying all these benefits at the most affordable prices.

Signup as a driver, Earn good money with your vehicle.

Apply for Customer Support Specialist – Sinhala & English


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