If the medicine is given the state sponsorship, all the corona patients in Sri Lanka will be cured in 4 days …. No money: Pure honey and nutmeg would have been enough Traditional Ayurvedic Physician DM Dhammika Bandara This medicine has been around since the time of King Ravana. It is a valuable antidote to epidemics, even by the ancient greats.

An experienced drug. Therefore, if the raw material required for the medicine is provided with the sponsorship of government and health related institutions, I will be able to cure corona patients in Sri Lanka within four days, said Dharmacharya, a traditional Ayurvedic doctor at the Uduwegama Mahaweera Buddhi Kali Devalaya in Hettimulla, Kegalle. Dhammika Bandara said. Commenting further on this, Dr. Dhammika Bandara said, I have developed a medicine to cure patients suffering from meepani corona epidemic. Only four types of medicines available in Sri Lanka have been taken for this purpose. One is pure honey, honey is good bioavailability.

The disease has been cured by giving this medicine. It can be scientifically proven. The drug was finally given to the quarantine center at Wathupitiwala. There were 146 patients. All of them were given medicine. He was healed in 4 days. There is no need to be afraid of this. Of course this is a living medicine. Do not doubt that if you use this medicine, the disease will be cured. The other is that this is provided for free. There is a difficulty in finding these drugs. Government sponsorship is sought because they want to find these drugs from the government or another institution. I especially ask for pure honey and nutmeg. Other types can be found.

The time of receiving honey is still ahead. Nutmeg can break even further. These two drugs are hard to find. Today there are about 5000 infected patients reported in Sri Lanka. All of these people will be given this medicine and will be cured in three days. Aya will never grow. This is from ancient times. A medicine from the time of King Rawana. It is said that even the great Arahants used it at that time. At that time there were epidemics like this. There are four drugs in this. They are live medicine. “Can’t you say the name?” Is our question. Let’s say them later, we’ll tell when the time comes. This drug is a valuable one. Give this to anyone in the world who suffers from this disease.

I swear I will be healed in three days. If an adult patient drinks four tablespoons daily in the morning and evening, the disease will not recur. So many times, so many experiences. There are those who are drunk, and they are healed. It has been given to doctors and those in remote areas. They have been healed. With government sponsorship, patients can be treated in government hospitals. Make a plan for it. No money. It costs six thousand five hundred rupees to make this medicine bottle.

You have to work hard to find the cure. Shingrama should be applied. We don’t even have that money. Find the medicine you need. How many people are cured by this medicine? That is another question we have been asked. I was finally given to Wathupitiwala Hospital. I said there were 146 of them. Among them, PCR. Tested.

After that he is said to have recovered. He was also taken to Ambalantota. News came that they too had been healed. I first gave this medicine to a guide who was taking Corona tourists. There were 11 people with him. 10 of them were quarantined. One escaped. He is infected. He was the first to be medicated. I had a cough and a fever. There was difficulty in swallowing. He was first treated, and he recovered. Two days, Beth was given four times. After that he recovered. It was then that I began to give alms to others. I have the power of vision. It is also used. “We will use this medicine to make everyone healthy,” he said.

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