ONLINE DATA ENTRY

Online Data Entry

Online data entry is simply doing a routine job that companies would rather outsource than do themselves. It essentially involves typing specific information into forms on your own computer, and submitting those forms to a specified web site. For that service, they pay money.

Most online data entry involves following simple directions and entering titles and and a short amount of text for online PPC (pay-per-click) ads. However, there can be other types of data as well.

What to Expect
Since there are literally thousands of companies who may be offering data entry outsourcing, you could look for them on your own but, generally, the companies and web sites that advertise such programs are "facilitators" who compile lists of these outsourcing companies and charge you a fee for membership to their lists and services. The fee is certainly fair if the lists contain valid, up-to-date information.

How Much Money Can I Make?
The answer to this question can vary widely depending on many factors. Generally, the harder and longer you work, the more money you can make.

Be Careful Before You Join
Since the concept of outsourcing online data entry is not well defined, I would advise taking extra caution in looking at the companies and web sites who offer this type of program or membership. Some of the companies are outright scams. If you decide to try one or more of the companies, make sure they have a money-back satisfaction guarantee so that, if you're not happy with the program, you can get a refund.

Many of these companies use the well-respected Clickbank payment system, which has an automatic money-back refund guarantee, whether the data entry company states it or not.

දිනකට් විනාඩි 15ක් වැය කර මසකට රුපියල් 5000 පහසුවෙන් උපයන්න

මේක තමයි මට දැනට හම්බවෙලා තියෙන හොදම PTC සයිට් එක

රෙජිස්ටර් වෙලා එකේ තියෙන Sri Lankan Forum එක චෙක් කරන්න.

සල්ලි හොයන ලංකාවේ ගොඩක් අයගෙ විස්තර බලා ගන්න පුළුවන්.

මමගින් දවසකට $1 කට අසන්න මුදලක්  සෙවිය හැක.

Skrill  බැංකු ගිණුමක් හරහා මුදල් ශ්‍රිලංකාවේ බැංකු ගිණුමකට ලබා   සදා ගැනීමට මෙම ලින්ක් click කර ලියාපදිංචි වෙන්න


අපිට මුදල් ලැබෙන ප්‍රධාන ක්‍රම

* ඔයාල click කරන Ad වලින්, .

*Rented Referrals ලගෙන් ලැබෙන මුදල්.

*Direct Referrals ලගෙන් ලැබෙන මුදල්.

කොච්චර විතර අපිට හොයන්න පුලුවන්ද?

ඔයාලට පොඩි කාලයක් වැය මේක හරියට කරන් ගියොත් මාසෙකට රු.25000කට වැඩියෙන් හොයන්න පුළුවන්. ඕන්නම් ඊටත් වැඩිය.දවසක විනාඩි 20කටත් අඩුවෙන්.හැබැයි මේක දවසෙන් දෙකෙන් වෙන්නේ නෑ.ටික කාලයක් යනවා.

මාස 3 ක් 4දක්වා කාලයක්.හැබැයි ඔයාලට මුදල් ටිකක් ආයෝජනය කරලා මේක ඉක්මන් කරන්නත් පුළුවන්.


  ළමයිනේ මේකෙ මෙම්බර්ෂිප් වර්ග කිහිපයක් තියෙනවා.
1. ප්‍රෝටියම්
2. හයිඩ්‍රොජන්
3. ඩියු(ට)රියම්
4. ට්‍රිටියම්
5. ෂෙයා(ර්) හෝල්ඩ(ර්)

ඔයගොල්ලො ඇඩ්ස් ක්ලික් කරන විට මුලින්ම බැලිය යුතු වන්නේ වැඩිම අගයක් ලෙස දක්වා තිබෙන ඇඩ්ස් මොනවද කියල. මුලින්ම ඒවා තමයි ක්ලික් කරන්න ඕන.

උදහරණයක් ලෙස ප්‍රෝටියම් මෙම්බර්ස්ලට ඇඩ්ස් 15ක් ලැබෙනවනෙ දවසට. ඒ අය සඳහා වැඩිම අගයක් සහිත ඇඩ්ස් තම්යි $0.03. ඔහුන් ඒවා තමයි මුලින්ම ක්ලික් කළ යුත්තේ වැඩිම ආදායමක් සඳහා.

හයිඩ්‍රොජන් සහ ඉහල මෙම්බර්ෂිප් අයට $0.07 ඇඩ්ස් ලැබෙනවා. ඔහුන් මුලින්ම ක්ලික් කළ යුත්තේ අන්න ඒ අගයන් සහිත ඇඩ්ස් උපරිම ආදායමක් සඳහ.

එමෙන්ම වැඩිම ආදායමක් සඳහා තවත් සැළකිය යුතු කරුණුද ඇත.

සැමදාම බක්ස් බෝනස් ලබා ගැනීමත් එමගින් කුලී කාරයන් නොහොත් රෙන්ට් රිෆරල් මිලදී ගැනීමත් කිරීමෙන් දවසට උපයන ආදායම වැඩි වේවි.

එසේම වඩාත් සැලකිය යුතු කරුණක් නම් මිනී ඔළු සහිත ඇඩ්ස් ක්ලික් කරන්නනම් යන්න එපා. ඒවා ක්ලික් කරොත් $0.03ක් අඩු වේවි.

ඩියුටරියම් සහ ට්‍රිටියම් මෙම්බර්ස්ලට නම් මිනී ඔළු සහිත ඇඩ්ස් එන්නෙ නැහැ. ඒක නිසා ඒ අය ඒ ගැන බය වෙන්න ඕන නැහැ

How to earn money from PTCCIRCLE

The first thing to do is view ads. New users begin with the "Protium" membership, the standard, totally free of charge.

The daily limit is 15 ads that you can see here, you should start with longest and most profitable ads (0.03$ each for protium, $ 0.07 for all others memberships), then it is recommended to NOT click on the ads with the skull and where it's exactly written "DO NOT CLICK", these will deduct 0.03$ if displayed; that are in fact anti-bot ads.

Once that this is done you will have already earned your first 0.45$ (0.03$ x15). It is advisable then to move on Play AdGrid, this is a table with several boxes as you can see, clicking them will open you other ads with a timer of 25 seconds each, none of these will get money in return however, at the end of the timer, you will be shown if you won or not, and if you won you would be credited 5.00$! Personally, I would still recommend doing at least 15 views per day to meet, along with at least 8 ads, the requirements to receive BuxBonus. If you have satisfied all the requirements by clicking on "Click to show" you'll see a captcha and once entered you will receive a prize of 0.5$ which will be credited to your Purchase balance. You can earn this bonus each day (as long as the admin will grant).  

We distinguish now the purchase balance from your account balance: essentially what distinguishes them is that money in your account balance are the ones that you can withdraw, while those in the purchase balance can not be withdrawn, but only used to rent referrals and buying ads. 

Let us see what are the Referrals. They can be divided into direct and rented ones, the first you've to obtain them by inviting others to join in PTCircle through your personal link that you can find here, while you can buy rented referrals at a price of 1.00$ each to page Rented Referrals and although they are rented, once bought them you will not have any cost of maintenance. The protium limit is 15 direct referrals and 15 rented referrals.

Let us now understand what their capabilities: they basically allow you to receive a certain percentage of what they earn by displaying ad, so many more of them you will have the greater will be your income. A further difference between direct and rented referrals is that, not only the single click of a direct fruit more money than the click made by rented ($ 0.002 to the maximum for each click of a direct against $ 0.001 maximum for the click of a rented - this for protium of course, for the subsequent memberships value increases, respectively, 0.003$ and 0.002$ for each click), but your direct will also allow you to get in your purchase balance 5% of the money that they spend in Add Funds and/or Upgrade so for example if one of your direct make an upgrade to hydrogen for one month (6$), 0.3$ will be credited to your purchase balance (don't worry if money won't be accredited immediately, it's normale).  We come now to the most important thing: how to withdraw your earnings.  First of all, before you can withdraw, with protium membership, is required to have made at least 50 personal clicks and be registered for at least 15 days,

is then required to everyone to make a deposit of at least 6$+fees with the payment processor with which you wish to withdraw (this help admin to understand if your payment processor is verified). The payment processors currently available are:  1. Skrill  2. EgoPay  3. Bitcoin  4. PerfectMoney  I personally recommend you to opt for the first one because, until 09/21 there will be a promotion with skrill that will credite in your purchase balance all the money you spend on upgrades within PTCircle, so for example if you decide to make an upgrade to hydrogen for a month, the 6$ spent will be also credite in your purchase balance. This will save you 50% (by spending 6$ you get benefits for a total value of 12$).  I am sure that in this short tutorial are missing a lot more information that I could bring in a second more in-depth tutorial, at the time of this I prefer not to add too much more to avoid scaring the newbies showing them all more complex than it actually is.

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